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Because He Deserves It [14 Jul 2008|11:12pm]
Because Joss Whedon is an incredible director/writer/producer,
because Firefly was such an awesome show that tanked so hard,
and because he deserve all the support he can get,


Make the internets crawl.
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Microsound, Music Synthesis Theory and Allergies [15 Apr 2008|11:06am]
So yeah...
Microsound is a pretty cool book. I think when you delve deep enough into a topic you can get very psychological about it. Just in the intro it's talking about all these theories about infinite sound timelines, sound grains, pulsars and whatever else. I totally have no idea. It's wonderful. If you're interested, you can read some of it here.

Because of Microsound I have started to try and think about all the different kinds of synthesis that exist. I came up with 2 main categories. Periodic Waveform (a repeating, basic type of sound source such as a Sine Wave, Pulse Wave or Saw wave and the manipulations of those waves) and Complex Waveform (the use of a recorded, complex waveform, such as a sample, and the manipulation of said waveform). I think I can wrap my head around that stuff. Here are some examples:

Periodic Waveform

  • Additive

  • Subtractive

  • Frequency Modulation

  • Amplitude Modulation

  • Ring Modulation

  • Physical Modeling (I think)

Complex Waveform

  • Granular

  • Pulsar

  • Wave Table

  • Wave Terrain

I'm sure there are more types out there and many that can't even be fit into my categories, no matter how broad. It just really fun to be on what feels like the cutting edge of this information. I'm not just going to a class and getting a grade anymore. This is hardcore research in the field. Super cool and very exhausting.

On a 100% completely different note, if you're having sessional allergies as the spring starts to roll around, here's a tip:

  • Get some local honey (the local part is important)

  • Take a spoonful at night and in the morning (just as if it was medicine)

  • Because it's local honey, all the bees in the area are carrying that pollen around. So the same pollen that you might be allergic to, will be in the honey and you can make your self immune.

I have no proof that this works, but it's a good theory. Plus you get to eat honey. Yum. Thanks to Leah Smith on this.

I have no music for you. Sorry. Finals however are coming very fast so I promise, at some point you will get at least the final draft of Here and There and a movie with at least sound effects made by me, and maybe even a film score. However, here's a really lame game with a really awesome song at the end.

<8=|==|~~ [10 Feb 2008|01:00pm]
The post title is an ASCII lizard. He is in fact my lizard of choice. His name is Thom.

Uh... well I am having lots of fun. This has been a crazy semester (even if we're only going into the 3rd week). I ended up doing a lot of work for the scheduling extravaganza that was The BIRN this semester. That was some crazy stuff. But hey, we're past the big chunk now and we're just surfing the wave.

I have this sweet widget called CharacterPal. It can show you html character codes for almost anything. It's useful when you are trying to type out an html document and you get things like ’ instead of the ampersand symbol '&'. So I was searching around and I found these cool characters:

☤ ℞ ☣ ☢ ☠ ☭ ☮ ☯

Pretty cool IMO.

My radio show time has indeed changed. It is now Thursdays from 9-11 EST so tune in! Our next show is valentines day I was told that my last name will come in handy.

Tonight we had bean dip, quesadillas, and provocatively shaped chocolate cake. mmmmmm Thank you Laurynn and Jeff for being excellent chefs.

I am no longer bored [06 Feb 2008|04:51pm]
So wow I have a lot of work. It's great. As the title suggests, I am so far from bored (this was not the case back in the beginning of the semester) that I am loosing sleep over it. Between personal projects, school work, The BIRN (oh god The BIRN) and a social life I'm a pretty hectic guy. I don't mean to be misleading either, I love this stuff. I'm going into the studios tomorrow to record a public service announcement. It's about people adding too many applications to their Facebook profiles. I feel it's an important public service.

I also was in the studios on Saturday to record voice overs for some BIRN stuff. We are making an intro to the This is Now show. Or possibly whatever news show replaces it. Here's a sample.

The synthesis department (and more accurately the lab monitors) are starting weekly meetings that involve the synth community at large. On Monday evening, about 10 of us got together and presented anything from songs to questions to a toy. The best parts of that meeting were just discussing with other upper semester synth students about their thoughts from anything from music to what apps to use for a glitch song.

I got a haircut yesterday (see pics 1 and 2) and finally found a good place in Boston to get one for a good price with a good atmosphere. Also the haircut looks great (IMO).

The radio show went well. If you tuned in you got to hear some truly beautiful music and some weird antics involving a cat named pickles. I made a logo for the show too. Check it out here. I believe we are changing to Thursday night, but stay tuned (literally).

And here's a song for you for reading all this text:
Rufus Wainwright - Beautiful Child


R-R-R-Radio [29 Jan 2008|12:32am]
So turns out I'll be co-hosting a show now. You might tune in if you are so inclined tomorrow evening from 9-11pm (EST). I am joining Lisa Lane at her show Vanilla Welkin. It's some really nice electronic/ambient music, plus a bit of classical. I'll be posting multitudes of multimedia that I'll make for the show in due time I'm sure.
Everything is going well at school. I wrote out a script for a Public Service Announcement project. It's about people adding too many Facebook applications to their profile. Hopefully I can make it funny.

Here's some PSA's if you don't know what I'm talking about:

Snapper and MacHeads [24 Jan 2008|02:58pm]
I got an e-mail this morning that the program Snapper had been released. The video has a good introduction to it, but if you would rather take my word...
It's basically an integrated audio editor that pops up whenever you select something with an audio track. For example, I was trying to figure out how to make it work so I downloaded the demo movie and as soon as I selected it, a window popped up with the waveform for me to edit. Seems like it might be useful. As long as it becomes a little more background and idles at 0% processor I might use it all the time. Really I'd like to see it integrate with Quick Look. But they do a good job as is.
I saw this trailer today for a movie called MacHeads. This looks creepy. It might make some good points though. But definitely starts off to be one of the creepiest movies ever. I love Apple and their products but jesus crist we get ridiculous sometimes.

Cornelius - Magoo Opening


Boston is boring when no one is here [19 Jan 2008|07:20pm]
I love Boston. I really really do, and I'm still excited to be back. But damn it can be boring when no one is here and there's nothing to do. Even if the labs/studios were open I'd have a blast and I plan to on tuesday when they do open. Matt was right when he said "Online registration ruins everything." Because of this new 'feature' all parents keep their children until the last possible moment. Before that everyone would have been here by yesterday and we'd all be having fun and it would be a joyous occasion! But alas, in this age of digital communication (in which, I admit, am using right now to relay my thoughts to you) we can now all be there with out really... being there. Oh well.
In my boredom I saw some of Boston that I didn't know existed. There's a nice park that goes from the Massachusetts Ave Orange line stop to Back Bay station. It was nice. I wasn't even that cold. I also saw there is a really cool exhibit at the Boston Public Library. It's, I guess, birds eye view maps of Boston and New England. The banner they had out front looked amazing. I love art work with a lot of things to look at, so what's better than a huge map of a big city?
Ulrich Schnauss is a great electronic composer and synthesist. Here, listen to a song!
Monday Paracetamol - Ulrich Schnauss


Site Design and being home [13 Jan 2008|09:41pm]
Check out the site! I made some changes. Nothing drastic, just some tweaks. It was based on a theme I made for The BIRN that eventually got merged with another theme to make a SUPER THEME!!! It's looking pretty good right now too.
Also, I said I'd have something for you this post. Well, I do. I made a new desktop called Party. It was inspired by an umbrella we have sitting around the house and a desktop background by one of my favorite artists. Specifically, this picture. I have no aural gifts for you today. Maybe next time.
I've been working with SuperCollider lately and I have some interesting sounds that have come from it. It's a great tool. I feel like I'm learning how to program better with it. It also is the way I feel all programming should be. I'm sure that expectation will change in the future but I like it so much because it make sense. Like, if something has certain properties you can replace one of those properties with another object to modulate that property. Kind of like if you had a car, took the wheels off and hooked up a fan to the axel. It may not drive anymore, but why couldn't you use it like that? That may have been the worst description I've ever given. Like I said, I'll try and post examples next time.
I'm about to go back to Boston. I can't wait. Home is nice and for the most part easy on the mind. I just don't do anything. It's this purgatory of Video games, being harassed and loved by my parents and thinking of things to do with my free time (besides video games). I'm not necessarily complaining, I just like Boston better than home right now. Who knows, I might be more bored in Boston durning the breaks. Well I'll be back the 14th and back in full swing. See you on the other side.


P.S. Right after I wrote that last line, See you On The Other Side came on my iPod. That's a random choice of > 4000 songs. Weird.

Um.... I don't know. [06 Jan 2008|05:37pm]
I've figured out that I really want to live in Boston. This is not a new revelation or anything, but I'm sort of trying to work out the details and it's turning out pretty nice. I'm almost positive that I can make it cheaper than the dorms at Berklee. Even if I'm inside the city it could work. I just have to have some kind of kitchen.
Break it nice, but Boston and Berklee are nicer. All I do here is take care of things my Mom needs and play Klondike on my iPod. Which, by the way, is ridiculously addictive. I think I'll try and get another game for the plane ride back that I can play. I already put a movie I'm saving. Hopefully I'll get back ok and this will be the best flight ever!
It has been good seeing people though. It's a trip to have John staying with us. We do get in a lot of useless arguments. Something about sugar and a carpet, does the school you go to really matter... It's dumb. Unfortunately I have nothing cool to share. Maybe next time.
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'08 [06 Jan 2008|05:36pm]
Well the new years party wasn't.... totally a bomb. Dave and Zach showed up and there were darts and MST3K. Dave is freakishly good at darts for no reason at all. Oh yeah, christmas was good. Main points of cool were this shirt and this iPod. We also have way too much food. I am now quite sleepy and will go to bed. Happy New Year. Here's to not over analyzing.

Almost home [23 Dec 2007|03:24pm]
I survived my finals. Thank goodness that's all over. I have conquered the following:

  • Advanced Programable Synthesis Final

  • Harmony 4 Project 3

  • Harmony 4 Final

  • Advanced MIDI Systems Final

  • Advanced MIDI Systems Portfolio

  • Digital Mix Techniques Project 4

  • Indian Music Concept Final Portfolio

This semester was the first for finals to really kick my ass. I'm glad I was for the most part on top of things. I had a lot of great projects though. My Project 3 for Harmony was pretty sweet. Actually most things I did from harmony this semester were good. Brendan Goes to Candyland was awesome, and all the other little compositions that I did for homework are decent. Also On This Side really developed into a full piece. I feel it's my best work so far.
Some wonderful new friends this semester. To name a few...

  • Joel Darling (owes me money)

  • Randy Blair (won't shut up)

  • Laurynn Scholar

  • Anna Rizzo

  • Hillary Reynolds

  • Max Denmat (I knew him decently but we really hung out this semester)

  • Kealyn Garner (hehe awkward moments)

  • Keeley Bumford (owes me a movie)

  • Becca Marbach

  • Albert Keever

  • Lauren Bruno

  • Nick Carsner

  • Mike Conrad

  • Dave (do I have friends) Linnenbank

So yeah. Social semester. More so than I thought. Anyway, I'll leave you with a picture of Berklee in the snow and then go home. Bye.

Stress and Music [06 Dec 2007|01:03am]
Hi again. So Rufus Wainwright is pretty amazing. He's like a more rock/pop version of Joanna Newsom. Talk about epic, eclectic and well produced. Unfortunately I don't have a link to any music, but I can recomend Agnus Dei off of Want Two and I Don't Know What It Is of Want One. Also check out Keane (who is apparently one of those people I missed and everyone else knows about).
Things coming up in my life in the next couple of weeks:

      Cake Show

      Golden Compass Premiere

      Apple Interview Seminar

      Finals and More Projects witch = stress and more music

I have a lot on my plate right now and possibly more. I'm pretty stressed. But I'll get through it. I got a lot of the classes I wanted (although not all) which takes some stress off. Here's some of my schedule for next semester:

      Speech and Vocal Synthesis

      Pop Song Transcription

      Musical Devices for Music Technology

      Multimedia Portfolio Workshop

      Advanced Studies in Digital Sampling

      Contemporary Applications of Digital Audio

All looks fun to me. I may be adding 1 more class to that in the end. We'll see when I get back next semester.

Too add to the stress I had to reinstall everything on my computer last night including my Operating System. I'm still slogging through the stuff I want to install. This includes some heavy weight programs that take on the longer side of 3 hours to complete. On the bright side, I'm not running Leopard which may or may not cause more issues. I just had to pick computers for a career path didn't I?

Stuff for all of you pretty people out there [28 Nov 2007|01:12am]
So I found some more cool things.
1st off: Pizdaus. WARNING: not so much work appropriate. It's not like it's porn, but you might not want your supervisor seeing this when they walk in. It's a site where people post pictures and they are voted up or down. It's really nice for finding just crazy, outlandish and awesome pictures.

2nd: FFFFOUND. This one is set up slightly differently from Pizdaus, but same amount of awesome content. This site is directed more the visually creative as opposed to the internet scourer. Sort of like a by designers for designers thing. It's nice.

3rd: A new desktop. It was a fun experiment with photoshop brushes. They make creating fun art..... soooo easy! If I tried to do that in Illustrator and Photoshop with no presets, that would have taken me YEARS. I hope you enjoy. I took some ideas from this desktop.

4th: New song! This was actually a harmony project. It's got jazz harmonic concepts in it (constant structure, auxiliary dominants, ect.) and it's a 4 on the floor techno song. I also really am proud of what kind of response I got from it. My teacher said it was "perfect" and showed it, alone, to the class. I was floating a bit today.

That's all for now. See you next time...

Mid terms and Thanksgiving [23 Nov 2007|02:29am]
So it's been a little while. Sorry about that. I have been working hard here in Boston. Mid terms are finally over however I feel like if I'm not busy, something's going to creep up on me. Anyway, you can see some of the fruits of my labors here:


A lot of BIRN stuff eh? Yeah I know. This station is taking over my life. Oh well, I'm having fun. Geez, I don't even know what to talk about. Leopard came out, I'm having fun with Logic Pro 8, I have more songs but I'm not sure how much I'll put up. I'm ashamed of some of the work I do I guess. Although when you compose a techno song that has pivot modulations in them I suppose it's acceptable to sound a little off.

Here's something cool. Aurgasm is a cool music blog. A couple of times a week they post a cool new band/artist that you probably haven't heard of. I've found a lot of great stuff from there. edIT, Outlines, Julia Kent, Asa, Emma Salokoski Ensemble and Flevans to name a few.

Starting to gear up for next semester already. I pick classes on the 28th so I have to figure out who/what I want to take. Something like, Speech and Vocal Synthesis, Max/MSP, Multimedia Apps, Contemporary Applications of Digital Audio, Pop Song Transcription and maybe the Techno/Rave Ensemble. There's gonna be one more in there before I'm done, but that's a good start.

Ok, it's back to work for me. Check out those bands.

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New Blog [30 Apr 2007|11:14pm]
Well, there have been no posts on here for way too long. Sorry. However, I'm giving another shot at my thoughts. I've started my own personal blog on my website. The point of the blog will be slightly shifted from the point of this one here. I will be less personal (however not devoid of personal events) and more just things I want to talk about. If you want to check it out, go here:
Feel free to post comments and tell me what you would like to see.
So my time at Live Journal has come to and end. I will proabably keep my account just so people that actually expect to read something off here will find my new home. Bye and see you on the new site.


I'M BACK [20 Aug 2006|02:30am]
So i'm back in town. e-mail me if you want to do something. I'm not here for very long so e-mail today while you still have a chance.
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[11 Aug 2006|07:12pm]
Oh man... so I'm coming home on the 19th and leaving the 3rd so any time BETWEEN then I would like to hang out with all's you. Dave, John, Cameron, Derek, Cynthia, Rachael are at the top of my list in no particular order. I know I'm forgetting somepeople and that why you should remind me that you want to hang out because I'm extreamly tired. See you all back home.
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[26 May 2006|04:26pm]
Here it is:

Phone: 617-747-6487

Edward Loveall
168 Massachusetts Ave
SB #1626
Boston, MA

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Bezerklee [24 May 2006|07:42pm]
Well I made it here. My mom and I drove up through Conecticut and spent a day in New York. I'll talk about it all more later if I remember. I don't have a phone number or address yet but I'll get it up when I know it. Just keep e-mailing me for now.
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Off to Boston [21 May 2006|04:48pm]
As of Monday I am off to Boston with my mom to start college. We will get there Wednesday but between Monday and then I will be incommunicado. I'll see if I can check my e-mail in New York but I dunno. Also my cell phone is leaving me. It's my choice. I hate cell phones and I will post a number as soon as I know one. For now, e-mail is the best way to get a hold of me. Edward's off to college. WOO!
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